Nayanthara Dora Telugu Movie Rating Review & Box Office Updates

Nayanthara Dora Telugu Movie Rating Review & Box Office Updates: Nayanthara Dora Telugu Movie Review & Rating: Dora is upcoming horror thriller film starred by Nayanthara in lead role. Dora Movie is all set to release 31st March 2017 in both Tamil & Telugu Languages. Dora was originally made in Tamil, now it getting dubbed in Telugu as well. Nayanthara is going to be in the major role of the film and is the leading character central to Dora Movie. The Trailer of Dora telugu and tamil film created huge buzz about the movie. Nayanthara’s Dora movie is produced by A. Sarkunam under Sarkunam Cinemas banner. Horror film Dora starring Nayanthara is releasing worldwide. Check out complete Dora Telugu Movie Review, Rating & Box Office Updates for the Weekend below.

Nayanthara Dora Telugu Movie Trailer

Nayanthara’s Dora is directorial debut for Doss Ramaswamy. We have already seen Nayanthara in horror genre in Maya, it is second venture in genre. We have many heroine oriented films, but this time story plot revolves around Austin Cambridge car. Particularly in this film Nayanthara look is perfect apt. In Dora, she gone through de-glam look. There is no movie promotions happening, the Dora releasing directly to theaters. Dora Movie completed censor formalities and awarded as A Certificate. The film had some horrifying scenes. But the Director says “Idea is not new. It’s already been seen in English, Malayalam and older Tamil films. The Car is just a tool in this Horror film. Just like House in Chandramukhi or Mobile Phone in Yaavarun Nalam, but the story is unique”.

Dora Telugu Movie Rating & Dora Movie Review

Nayanthara playing as Pavalakodi in he film, who is innocent girl. Her Attitude charges when she gets hand her vintage Austin Cambridge car named Dora. The movie revolves around Austin Cambridge car & Nayan. The director treated the ghost as fantasy element. As we all know Dora is popular cartoon character, in this film Dora name is refering to Austin Cambridge Car. Tambi Ramaiah is acted as Nayan’s father role, but he roled in comic way. Harish Uthaman plays a Police Officer.

Nayanthara is outstanding performer, She shown two different shades in her character. She Impress with both Innocence and heroic look. Director takes time, but once main story plot takeoff film totally engaging and entertaining. The Story plot is predictable, because of Performances we cannot feel bored.

Dora Telugu Movie Rating: 3.25/5

Dora Telugu Movie Public Rating: 3.5/5

Dora Movie Rating Review: Movie Story & Plot

The story is about Nayanthara, who plays an innocent girl Pavalakodi. Her attitude changes and she becomes a rebel when she gets her hands on a vintage Austin Cambridge car called Dora, which is possessed.

Dora Movie Rating Review: Box Office Weekend

Nayanthara’s Dora movie box office collections will be updated here. You can find the first weekend collections of Dora telugu movie releasing this weekend which is of horror genre.

Dora Movie Rating Review: Cast

Nayanthara Dora Telugu Movie Review is out. And here’s the main cast from Dora movie.

Thambi Ramaiah
Harish Uthaman
Sulile Kumar

Dora Movie Rating Review: Movie Credits

Director : Doss Ramasamy
Produced by: A. Sarkunam, & Hitesh Jhabak.
Production banner: Sarkunam Cinemas
Music : Vivek Siva & Mervin Solomon
Cinematography: Dinesh Krishnan
Editor: Gopi Krishna
Release date: 31 March 2017

Dora Movie Rating Review: Pros


Dora Movie Rating Review: Cons

Predictable Plot
Slow narration

Dora Movie Rating Review: Final Rating & Verdict

Nayanthara’s Dora Telugu Movie Review and Dora Rating for the movie will soon be updated here.

Nayanthara Dora Movie Rating: Music Box

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